Waylay has announced availability of the Academy package to prepare students for the new era of cloud computing

Waylay Lite, a Low Code automation platform, today launched a new Academy package that allows students to practise and implement applications using new serverless paradigm, without a need to setup and manage cloud infrastructure. Waylay Lite, represents the coolest new campus tech innovation to hit the university scene in years. 

In the name of cloud computing today’s students are being hijacked into one of the closed ecosystems of the big three cloud providers, without being able to learn the basic principles of modern cloud approach first. What students actually need today, more than ever, is simple and open source alternatives to be able to play with serverless, automation and machine learning. What Linux has brought to the OS world, is needed as well on the cloud computing side. The Waylay Lite Academy Package is based on open source components such as OpenFaaS for serverless compute and Jupyter notebooks & libraries for machine learning.

Our goal is to provide modern and open source serverless alternatives to students to practise deploying modern cloud applications, . for those students aspiring to become tech entrepreneurs and those universities looking for ways to solve complex real-life business problems side-by-side with the industry, we help to close the technology and user experience gaps, said Veselin Pizurica, president of Waylay Lite.

Contact us to get in touch and try our platform for a fraction of the cost of its commercial package and all necessary support to get you running.