Ghent, Belgium, March 25, 2016 – Waylay, a leading provider of IoT orchestration software, has partnered with the Belgian company Solvice, to offer a comprehensive route optimization solution for sensor-enabled remote assets.

“We are happy to partner with Solvice, an expert in optimization services. Through our combined offering, customers will benefit from big cost savings for filling or emptying remote assets by leveraging sensor technology,” - Piet Vandaele, Waylay CEO

With the rise of dedicated IoT wireless networks, such as LoRa and Sigfox, new opportunities arise to periodically read the fill level of remote assets, such as tanks or containers. This fill rate information allows to automatically optimize truck routes rather than relying on fixed or manually scheduled routes.

Waylay captures the sensor data, enriches it with data from IT systems, and triggers the Solvice optimization API at the right time. Optimized routes get propagated back into enterprise systems and are pushed to truck driver devices.

“Based on a modern API-driven architecture, the Solvice and Waylay technologies work hand-in-glove. Customer save up to 50% time and resources through real-time visibility and automated and optimized schedule computation” Vandaele added.

“We are very pleased with this OTS solution because it brings great benefits to logistics and leads to less trucks on the road, optimized usage of resources, less traffic congestion and less pollution,” - Etienne Maerien, Business Director Solvice

About Waylay

Founded in 2014 – Waylay is an ISV founded by a team with a track record of building successful B2B SW products. Waylay is an award-winning SW solution that takes an application-centric approach to IoT. Waylay offers an IoT service orchestration platform that combines data across IoT verticals and provides a richer integration between IoT solutions, enterprise IT systems and cloud services.

About Solvice

Founded in 2014 – Solvice is an ISV founded by a team with very deep knowledge of optimization processes and software development skills. Solvice offers an Optimization Engine as a SaaS solution with easy to use REST-api facilities. Solvice’s main focus is in the markets of Logistics and Healthcare. These markets encounter complex plannings problems which can be solved using Solvice’s “Optimisation as a service” – engine integrated in their local ICT solutions.

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