Waylay in Rome: Conference on Cognitive IOT

By: Veselin Pizurica | Date: 30 Oct 2014
2 mins read

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since our last blog post. First, let me give you some update, before we get to a Rome story:

Francis (@somatik) CTO of carambla joined our team !! yes! Great guy, great coder, and I really enjoy working with him. Now we are moving fast, light speed. We are in the process of changing our website, so you can expect some new team pictures shortly!
In the past few months we have been working very hard on our product. We had one more beta testing session, we have worked further on our market/sales strategies and we got a patent filing. Things are getting in place!

This week I was in Rome, where I had a talk at The First International Conference on Cognitive Internet of Things Technologies. Everything from AI, robotics, bendable sitting objects, to neural nets, fuzzy sensors and affordance learning in robotic ecologies. Must say, quite some stretch at the time :). Luckily I had my talk in the morning, so could focus :), and the talk was really well received! And here you can find it:

A Cloud-Based Bayesian Smart Agent Architecture for Internet-of-Things Applications from Veselin Pizurica

The day after I went to IOT360 and was there for two days. Oh boy, that was an experience. Mix of academia, EU commissioners, scientific advisers, IBM’s of this world, startups and visionaries. Only one message was clear: “IOT is coming and EU has some money to spend!”. The rest was not always that exciting… lot of background politics, forming alliances for future EU projects. EU did it again!

In case you missed it, this was a picture of the previous EU selection process, let’s hope you have some magic in your pocket to get selected!

But we are cool, confident and we will give it a go!

And in the meantime, just to give you some taste of the app that is coming, have a look in 2 of our screenshots:

Cheers, and stay in touch!



Veselin Pizurica,
CTO Waylay.io
Veselin Pizurica is entrepreneur, CTO and founder at Waylay, a cloud software company that empowers enterprises and the public sector to benefit from the Internet-of-Things. Veselin is author and co-author of 12 patent applications in domain of DSL, home networks and cloud computing.
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