For the last few years, CODE_n has made itself a name for bringing fresh, innovative companies to CeBIT.

This year, CODE_n was all about IoT: “50 startups from 17 countries showcase their innovative Internet of Things approaches”. Indeed, more than 400 companies applied and 50 companies were selected to showcase their technology at their own booth in hall 16 at CeBIT. We all felt like a part of a big family. Waylay was part of the Industry 4.0 section of the event.

Waylay’s story as an orchestration platform that connects devices, applications and online services was extremely well received. On Wednesday, we also pitched our value proposition in front of an audience. Here you can watch Piet’s 2 minutes pitch followed by a short Q&A session:

Most importantly, through live demos of various use cases, we demonstrated how elegant, unique and disruptive our platform really is. During the week, it was not unusual to see a CEO coming to visit us, followed by his CTO, chief architect or VP sales. Slowly our booth was becoming a magnet for curious researchers, industry players and VC’s :). By the end of a week, Piet had only few business cards left (down from 300). Here is how it looked from the distance:

So, one more time, a big thank you to @CODE_n ! we had a wonderful CeBIT opening up great opportunities! One investor tweeted the following:

We were rather curious about @bigboardsio, but had no time to look around during CeBIT. Once back home, I figured that we met several times at meetups in Belgium. Daan and Wim are co‐organizers of, and now they have built a Hex – a portable cluster that sits on your desk. Really cool stuff, you should check it out at

On a different note and unrelated to CeBIT, Machine Research, a rather well-known research firm in the area of M2M and IoT, has dedicated a report to waylay: “Waylay takes the API road to IOT platform integration”.

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