1. What have you been doing before joining Waylay?

I spent 11 years at a company in Kortrijk, a provider of Smart Metering and Energy Management solutions, that was acquired twice. I started in Sales & Marketing as technical pre-sales for a number of years, before moving to the SW project delivery department, where I grew to be manager of a team of SW application engineers responsible for building customized functionality on top of the core platform for utility projects.

2. And what will you be doing at Waylay?

I’m project manager for our integration projects, quite similar to my last job. This includes coordinating development efforts with our team in Ghent, aligning with customers on priorities, general follow-up and providing support any way I can. I’m still fairly new at Waylay; and as flexibility is part of any start-up ethos, I’m open to gradually taking up more responsibilities as we grow, e.g. analysis tasks or giving demos & training, etc. Task diversity is a real motivator for me, so we’ll see where my future at Waylay takes me.

3. So why an IoT tech startup and why Waylay?

Well, you could say I was already working in a subset of the industrial IoT market – smart metering for utilities – but I’d been following general IoT trends from a distance. And I’m actually living proof that your Waylay blog posts pay off: I discovered Waylay through a blog that my former colleague Bruno wrote on his positive impressions about the company and the dynamics of IoT. I was experiencing the sluggishness of working for a conglomerate so I longed for a fresh, energetic environment. And that’s what I found at Waylay: Zero bureaucracy. Get things done.

4. What are some of your passions outside of work?

Quite a few. I’m a true enthousiast of all things Science and Technology, but especially space travel and astronomy. I wanted to be an astronaut as a boy, and the fascination for space always stuck. I’m an avid reader on many science subjects, both on-line articles and books whenever I can. Next to that, I try to go out on restaurant & movie evenings as often as possible and attempt to keep up with many (mainly sci-fi) TV-series. I also want to see the world; so one or two city trips + a longer trip during summer is something to look forward to every year. My favourite destination remains Scotland, being a huge fan of mountains and whisky 😉 And finally my family of course. I have a 20 month old angel (and sometimes rascal) of a daughter, Eva, who’s an absolute joy to spend time with. Her mom and I love to watch her grow, play and learn. So you see, plenty to keep me busy – I’ll never know a boring day in my life.

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