We are happy to welcome Miruna to the team and excited about working together to grow Waylay and share our story with the world.

What have you been doing before joining Waylay?

I majored in Dramaturgy, a minuscule niche field of study where apart from obscure art theory, you are also taught basic business administration in case you would want to pursue cultural management. I then worked in performing arts in Romania for 5 years, in a variety of roles both on the creative and on the business side. I then switched from art to the corporate world and for the following 6 years worked as a marketing coordinator for an international law firm and trade adviser for the British government. And just before joining Waylay I have briefly coordinated communications for less than a year for an international federation based in Brussels.

And what will you be doing at Waylay?

I will be doing inbound marketing, which in my book is the only type of marketing that makes sense and in everyone else’s book is definitely the only type of marketing that makes sense for startups. It basically revolves around creating and sharing content that people are genuinely interested in and “hacking” traditional marcom areas that would normally require huge resources to get results. There’s also a lot of building characters and experimenting with various storylines in it – where my obscure major in dramaturgy comes in very handy.

So why a tech startup and why Waylay?

I have had my own theatre start-up that I founded with my actor/director brother in Bucharest. I was doing it while also having a full time job so life kind of happened and the project died but left me with a passion for building things from scratch. I have also had tech startups as clients when I worked as a trade advisor which was a great experience. Waylay because it’s not your regular flashy, all-about-the-hype startup. My technical significant other vouched for the tech part and explained why Waylay is different in the IoT landscape and I liked that the founders are very down-to-earth and that Waylay’s approach to marketing fits my interest and passion for inbound.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

Music- discovering new stuff and also trying to teach myself to play instruments. Space exploration- it’s the closest I will ever get to any form of spirituality. Quantified self, because really knowing yourself, right? Machine ethics – from I, Robot to

Welcome to Waylay!

You can get in touch with Miruna at or tweet @miruna.suru

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