What have you been doing before joining Waylay?

In the 25 years since graduating as a computer science engineer at the University I have been in engineering leadership roles, primarily in storage infrastructure startups that we sold to large USA corporations. You can say that I have tasted both from the startup world as from the corporate environment. What I appreciate from the startup world is the ability to get things done, take ownership, and change things very quickly. What I appreciate from the corporate world is their ability and need to scale and the processes and organization they build around that.

Why did you choose an IoT software company and what interested you specifically in Waylay?

I’ve been in a role similar to what Veselin is doing now. I highly appreciate what he and the team are doing (– it’s not easy being at the end of the line –), but that’s not why I am here. Engineering management is for me a “been there, seen this, done that” story, and I was looking for something else.

When I looked back at the last years of my career, the moments I enjoyed the most are those where I was in close contact with customers, in a deep-technical setting, getting them through severe issues or realizing a complex project. It was not just about customer management or project management. It was all about being at the forefront of the engineering team, being their trusted delegate, and realizing value for the customer.

That’s one of the reasons I chose Waylay: being able to work in a group of very technical people and realizing value for customers in a nontrivial way.

I don’t look at Waylay as a pure IoT company. Sure, IoT is how we get into customers but my vision is that we want to become the trusted partner of customers when it’s about creating value around the data they gather with these IoT devices.

What will you be doing at Waylay?

The stack Waylay currently has is a real Swiss Army knife, and we need to translate it into more standard offerings that customers get and come to a repeatable sales process.

For sales to scale, we know that we have to master how we come into the customer eco-system with existing tools, technology, processes, and vendors. A service offering, which we can also sell through our partners (and have them make money), is essential. I will help Piet and Veselin and the entire team to build-out this scalable service organization.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

I love spending time with my dog Reese (yes, like the US candy). He’s a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Next to that, I like road cycling, snowboarding, hiking in the mountains, and a regular CrossFit workout to stay mentally and physically sane.

We are hiring!

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