What have you been doing before joining Waylay?

This is my first job so before joining Waylay I was in school – I studied electronics-ICT at Odisee Hogeschool. When I began my studies, I had no knowledge of writing code but have always had a natural interest in everything to do with computers. It was during school that I built up a passion for programming, especially for web & mobile development, and more specifically JavaScript. Since then I’ve been hooked on expanding my knowledge for both front- and backend web development.

And what will you be doing at Waylay?

My official job title is “JavaScript Engineer” which actually means that I will be doing quite a wide variety of things. One week I will be working on an API in Node.js, the week after perhaps on a React app using that API. This workflow is one of the things about my job that excites me the most. Discovering new technologies, putting them to good use and continuously learning along the way.

So why an IoT tech startup and why Waylay?

I’ve always had my mind set on joining a startup. Working in a fast paced and rapidly evolving environment to me seems like the best way to gain lots of experience and knowledge very fast. This in combination with the equally fast-moving space of IoT made Waylay the perfect choice for my first job.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

Sports, definitely sports! Both on the field and in the audience. I’ve had a passion for (fast) cars sice I was very young so one of my favourite things to do is to watch Formula 1 races. As for the practicing side, I’ve been playing football since elementary school and have recently joined a futsal team. I also enjoy running so whenever I have some spare time after work, I like going for a run in the beautiful city that is Ghent.

Interested in joining us? We are hiring, check out our open positions and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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