1. What do you do at Waylay?

I work at Waylay as a Javascript engineer mostly on backend related tasks. I started with an internship and back then I mostly did integrations of devices on the Conrad Connect platform. This was a very good intro into the Internet of Things because it showed me how every manufacturer has a different approach on how they structure and build their cloud and API.

Later on I also started doing more service related tasks like adding and building new features and services to our backend systems. What I like about working at Waylay is the freedom we get to do these things and the fact that we get to work with the newest technologies and frameworks and can learn new things on the job.

Another thing I really like is how we make different services working together for one solution- every service has a different role and to see them work together through the cloud is really amazing.

2. What’s an exciting thing you’re working on right now?

Currently I’m working on a couple of things in parallel, integrating new devices and vendors and building a new server to reduce the load on the database.

All IoT providers build their own cloud API in a different way. To integrate these providers into one platform and see them work together is the most exciting part of IoT for me.

3. What are the qualities that you appreciate most in colleagues?

  1. Willingness to help – at Waylay if you have a question you will not only receive an answer but also a thorough explanation which helps you learn things that may not be in your area of expertise;
  2. Motivation – everyone is always really motivated in what they do and want to do their jobs in the best possible way;
  3. Friendliness – not only work related but also outside of work. Everyone is always up for a chat, either during coffee, after the demos on Friday, during a drink after work, etc.

4. What is one things that you think would make someone not a good fit for Waylay?

Since Waylay is a startup flexibility is a must, not only regarding work hours but also planning your work. It’s not uncommon that we are working on multiple tasks at the same time so someone working here needs to be able to multitask.

5. What are some of your passions outside of work?

I’ve always been interested in everything that has to do with technology, computers and electronics. I guess the first thing my friends would tell you about me is: ‘he is good with computers’.

My interests outside of work lie mostly in building computers, video games and tinkering with small electronics. During my first week at Waylay I was so impressed and got so interested in IoT that I immediately bought a Raspberry PI and some sensors and started messing around with them.

Drones have always also amazed me and I recently bought a 3D printer so I can start some drone projects by first designing and then printing it.

Other then that I really like to go out with friends for drinks and I really like to travel.

Interested in joining us? Check out our vacancies and get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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