What have you been doing before joining Waylay?

After a short academic career in mathematics, I started as a database admin at Kind & Gezin in the nineties and evolved to java development during the period. I spent 14 interesting years at the Belgian railways as the lead architect of a distribution platform for international rail travel, which was used by a number of other European railway companies. I was a software architect at Smals (an e-health plaform), and my last position was at Axa Bank, as integration architect.

And what will you be doing at Waylay?

I’m here to work on data analytics – focusing on extracting insights and knowledge from all the data passing through the Waylay platform.

So why an IoT tech startup and why Waylay?

I’ve always had an interest in what I call data plumbing- organising and connecting streams of data to make a system more modularised and self-describing. There’s a lot of that in the IoT space- with large amounts of data coming from different devices and moving through different systems. Apart from that, I was at this moment in time interested in working closer to technology, as I have been spending a little too much time in the ivory tower of enterprise architecture. By taking on what is now called a data scientist role, I am reconnecting to my maths & data roots, and being able to do this in a cool Ghent startup makes it even better.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

I’m an amateur musician, playing jazz piano and studying composition and music theory. I also like to read non-fiction, on topics like philosophy or science. And most importantly, a lot of my time and care goes to my family and three sons.

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