Smart buildings

Smart buildings and smart energy management are key areas for IoT innovation as they hold the promise to save energy and increase operational efficiency via automation. According to HarborResearch, the market for smart building infrastructure based on IoT is estimated to be worth 25 Bio USD in 2014 and to grow to 210 Bio USD in 2020.


Shops and office spaces all have airco, ventilation, lighting, water supply etc. These consume energy, water, gas and keeping control over this consumption can be challenging at times. Automating control of the settings of lighting, heating and ventilation systems can lead to significant cost savings.
If you are an installer of these systems, you probably have limited visibility on what’s going on beyond the yearly maintenance window. If you could remotely monitor efficiency or performance, this could dramatically improve customer service. Detecting abnormal value of vibration, temperature, pressure or degrading performance over time can allow to detect problems upfront, provide notifications and can lead to proactive maintenance with optimized maintenance schedules for equipment.

Why existing solutions are not good enough

Many of the solutions used today allow to remotely read sensor data, remotely, manually control devices such as lights or thermostats (usually via smartphone apps) and visualize historical data with various levels of aggregation. While analysis of data is fine, these systems do not provide you with the capability to automatically react on the data, save energy or reduce costs.


waylay’s technology enables real-time analysis of device data for automation, real-time notifications, proactive maintenance, faster troubleshooting and workflow automation based on events. As part of a building automation or energy management solution, waylay provides:

  • Easy API based integration w/ existing solutions such as BMSs, HVAC back-end systems, etc.
  • Integrate building automation with internet services such as calendar, weather forecast or market forecast data.
  • Improve automation and troubleshooting by combining various sources of information.
  • Support for both scheduled and real-time, event-driven tasks.


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