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Ghent, Belgium or Denver, USA

Waylay provides enterprise IT-OT digital unification software delivering low-code-based orchestration, automation, and analytics IoT software solutions. We have a passion for supporting enterprises and allowing new ways to put their valuable IoT data to work. We put the citizen developers in the driver’s seat and enable data scientists and domain experts to experiment with new business flows, avoiding long software development cycles. The Waylay platform guarantees our customers a significant reduction in cost and time to market for new digital transformation projects to eventually make enterprises become one. We offer an intelligent data processing platform with exceptional automation and analytics capabilities. In short, we connect IoT solutions to IT systems, empowering customers to build new applications faster and better than ever before. Waylay builds the tools to truly succeed with IoT asset data.

Job description


  • Lead and coordinate developer ecosystem activities enabling SaaS product growth and encouraging engagement and cross collaboration
  • Ideate and implement growth strategies agreed with business/management
  • Run continuous A/B testing and growth-hacking campaigns to gauge developer needs and SaaS growth
  • Vigilant on opportunities/experiments to maximise growth on long-term engagement, community size, paid conversion; minimise conversion times, qualification efforts, onboarding times, lost leads
  • Produce and quality check engaging content for developers ensuring brand and core messaging is present
  • Maintain stats for management reporting and campaign specific reporting
  • Provide product reporting based on user feedback (via forum, WoM, user groups)
  • Identify worthy cases to platform; identify possible collaborations and funnel to correct teams
  • Liaise with product managers and developers to provide developer feedback where possible
  • Provide support, expertise, guidance where possible and be able to direct to correct experts
  • Manage growth-hacker, freelancers; marketing firms in campaigns and data collection
  • Budget control in automated ads and inbound marketing
  • Marketing roles: branding, copy, materials, online platforms, conferences, content design/creation, social media, inbound campaign creation
  • Align with marketing team on budget, campaigns and deliverables, and overall messaging/branding

Skills & Experience

  • Experience working in microservice architectures
  • Knowledge of serverless is a must:
  • AWS Serverless stack – Lambda, S3, AWS Step Functions, dynamoDB, SNS, or similar
  • Azure stack (Azure Functions and Logic Apps, Azure Service Bus or
  • GCP stack (Cloud Functions, Big query, …)
  • Member of AWS hero program is a great plus
  • Experience with IoT is a plus

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