Job description

DevOps isn’t a specific role – it’s a methodology for quickly building software and maintaining reliable services. So, flexibility and a willingness to learn new skills are imperative traits for DevOps. DevOps must have a wide breadth of knowledge across the entire software delivery and deployment lifecycle. Nobody expects DevOps to be an expert in everything from docker, drone, jenkins, grafana, databases, backups, scripting, terraform to kubernetes, but understanding how these tools function together at a high level is necessary for a DevOps culture focused on collaboration and transparency.


  • You are part of the Waylay services/DevOps team
  • You are responsible for running and improving existing Waylay’s cloud microservice infrastructure
  • Work closely with developers to improve visibility and observability of Waylay services
  • Take responsibility for realising Waylay SLA’s towards end customers
  • Handle customer & partner support requests & incident tickets in a timely and professional manner
  • ‘Customer first’ mindset, willing to provide support for escalations outside working hours
  • Provide constant feedback to engineering and management on possible improvements
  • Follow up on the latest cloud technologies and show general interest in software engineering

Skills & experiences

  • Expertise with container orchestration systems and microservices (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Extensive knowledge of configuration management and server automation frameworks (Terraform, Ansible, etc.)
  • CI/CD tooling and implementation (Jenkins, Drone, etc.)
  • Database administration experience (Mongo, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, etc.)
  • A good understanding of Git
  • Scripting and shell programming expertise (Bash, Python, Ruby, etc.)
  • Experience with server and cloud monitoring systems


Rewarding work

Work on products & solutions with great impact on companies and people.

Competitive remuneration

The best tools to support you and a competitive remuneration package.

Zero bureaucracy

Get it done without any office red tape. Make a direct impact.

Passionate team

Work together with passionate people who put team before ego.