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Ghent, Belgium

Waylay is an Internet of Things orchestration platform — our mission is to create a single unified platform to make automation and integration with multiple IoT devices easier.

Job description

We are looking for interns willing to help grow our platform by creating machine learning integrations and visualizations, working on the graphical user interface and tinkering on the backend / data pipeline.

Currently, we can serve PyTorch, TensorFlow, XGBoost, scikit-learn or custom models for our customers, so you will definitely have a deep dive in these frameworks. Join our team to build something incredible while being surrounded by intelligent, hardworking and motivated coworkers.

Software Stack

No legacy; we work with modern technologies.

Front-end: JavaScript (ES6/Babel) React/Redux, Node.js/Express, Babel, Webpack

Back-end/data: Node.js, Python, Scala, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, etc

Across our stack: Docker, Kubernetes, OpenFaaS

Basic Qualifications

A good understanding of Python.

Familiarity with JavaScript.

A solid understanding of machine learning principals.

An understanding of REST principles and HTTP request life cycle.

Basic understanding of Git.

Fluent in English.

Bonus points

Knowledge of linux systems and/or experience with docker.

Experience with the Flask framework.

Experience with the Sklearn, Tensorflow, Pytorch or XGBoost machine learning libraries.

Tasks include

Research if we can easily visualize the output of different models in our data explorer. This will need both backend and frontend research as there currently is no way to know what the output of a model will be, for example just a plain 2D matrix, a list of strings, a combination of both, or even images.

Related to the task above, research if we can easily have reusable pre- and postprocessing blocks available for our customers and integrate those into our current flow of making rules using models.

Both tasks will involve the creation of some (deep learning) models as well, to test if the proposed solution is widely applicable.


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