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Ghent, Belgium

This internship is for Business Economics and Applied Economics Students

Job description

Return On Investment is a key differentiator in the sales process as it helps us with setting the correct price and convincing the customer

Waylay is active in a couple of verticals that each have their own business and cost drivers, like capital investment cost, maintenance costs, derived costs and cost optimization possibilities

Waylay is active in following verticals and needs to understand the cost and investment patterns in these verticals:

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Equipment
  • Processing Industries
  • Utilities

While we have done ROI studies, focussed around specific use cases and based on customer input, we need to further finetune and benchmark and research the press, internet for whitepapers that explain what cost and investment concerns are typical for specific (new) verticals, e.g.

  • What is the lifetime of the equipment
  • What are the investment ranges
  • How is financing done
  • Who operates the equipment and is responsible for the maintenance and carries the costs
  • What costs are there and how predictable/unpredictable are they
  • What is the state of the art in terms of predictive and reactive maintenance
  • What is driving the cost of maintenance: spare parts (the whole chain of spare part management), people driving, specialized technicians intervening at irregular hours, downtime of costs
  • What does the claim-landscape look like? What are common practices in these verticals in terms of refunding for breakdowns, SLA-ruptures, insurance against downtime
  • Last but not least: build and optimize the existing business models so that we can use them in our sales process (eg sales fills in the spreadsheet and a number comes out of this tool)


Skills & Experience

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