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Ghent, Belgium

Waylay provides enterprise IT-OT digital unification software delivering low-code-based orchestration, automation, and analytics IoT software solutions. We have a passion for supporting enterprises and allowing new ways to put their valuable IoT data to work. We put the citizen developers in the driver’s seat and enable data scientists and domain experts to experiment with new business flows, avoiding long software development cycles. In short, we connect IoT solutions to IT systems, empowering customers to build new applications faster and better than ever before. Waylay builds the tools to truly succeed with IoT asset data.

Job description

To accelerate our growth and streamline our customers’ successes, we are looking for a hands-on enthusiast to join our team.

We currently have a vacancy for a Solutions Engineer

You are willing to engage in the long term and be part of the growth of Waylay.


  • Work in direct contact with our Enterprise customers to determine their needs, requirements, and use-cases. You’ll be working with a variety of people, from different verticals and different backgrounds. Never a dull moment guaranteed and what a variety!
  • You’ll work on real-world use-cases that have an immediate impact on the customer well-being, the environment, our climate, the customer costs, and revenue.
  • Identify the integration points with the Customer’s existing systems, either IoT, Machine Learning, and/or ERP systems
  • Based upon your understanding of our Customer’s use case, you take the input from the solution architect into account and work with your Enterprise Services peers to develop, test, and deliver a technical solution.
  • Take ownership while developing business logic using Waylay’s Technology stack. This logic is developed in a pair-programming fashion, in order to deliver high quality. You have direct access to the development team to iron out tougher usecases.
  • Document your solutions and occasionally deliver training.
  • Always be very keen to present your deliverables in the most attractive way in order to demonstrate our value proposition
  • You are passionate about and very strict on data-quality, understanding that data-cleaning is essential for a professional outcome
  • You master the ability to balance between going into detail and still managing your time and efforts in order to deliver on-time, within budget.
  • Occasionally attend calls or meetings with the customer, together with the project manager or solution architect. When COVID-19 allows, some of these meetings might be onsite.

Skills & Experience

  • You are fluent in Javascript and RESTful API integrations (postman is your buddy).
  • You are familiar with contemporary internet concepts like OAuth2, JWT
  • You love thinking about mapping your use-case onto scalable, secure, and performant data-models. 
  • You’re familiar with Git.
  • You enjoy the mix of technical work and interacting with people.
  • Your writing and presentation skills allow you to prepare technical deliverables for customers.
  • You are fluent in English and a good communicator, being able to express concerns about data or integration points in a factual and professional manner.


  • Previous experiences in enterprise integration projects with e.g. Salesforce Lighting, SAP
  • Experience with python, serverless computing
  • A previous experience in an IoT integration project
  • Background and/or experience in contemporary AI and Machine Learning techniques and tools

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