Smart cities

Cities around the world are increasingly using sensor and IoT technology to better manage and control energy consumption, traffic, parking, waste and security. Waylay’s technology can empower many of these application verticals to provide smart notifications, automation and service optimization.

Smart parking and smart traffic Sensor technology enables accurate, real-time information about available parking spots. Waylay pushes smarter parking guidelines to citizens’ smartphones and decreases traffic, energy consumption and emissions. Waylay’s platform combines various sources of real-time traffic information, traffic jams alerts etc. to provide smarter traffic recommendations.
Learn how the city of Ghent leveraged Waylay's technology in this  customer case study.

Smart lighting Smart lighting allows for digital remote steering of street lighting, based on time of day, weather conditions, presence of people or in case of emergency. Waylay’s platform allows to dynamically combine these different input data sources to make smarter decisions regarding street lighting, which saves energy and increases security. Waylay’s platform can also be used for remote monitoring and maintenance of street lighting.

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