Consumer innovation for enterprises

Consumer IoT Many consumer IoT solutions are available on the market: fitness trackers, security system, energy and comfort systems. These solutions use a variety of connectivity options: BLE, WiFi, SIM-card based GPRS or LPWAN technologies. Many of them appeal to a niche audience and have not yet reached mass market adoption. One segment usually overlooked is how these technologies can be leveraged by enterprises:

  • Webshop selling these devices can create a new connected service around these devices.
  • Telcos can start offering these devices in conjunction with their existing smart home offerings.
  • Health coaches or physiotherapists can track patient improvements through health trackers.
  • SMEs can realize energy saving by deploying consumer IoT solutions for energy and comfort.
  • Insurance companies can reduce claims through proactive leakage or problem detection.

The entrerprise twist Though the opportunities are plentiful, the consumer IoT solutions can seldomly be used "as-is" in an enterpise context:

  • Enterprises want to rely on multiple suppliers, with an ease of migration from one supplier to another.

  • Enterprises want to retrieve the captured data to trigger processes in enterprise IT systems or for further data analysis and correlation.
  • Enterprises may want to use these B2C IoT solutions as components of a larger solution that addresses a business problem. Integration and interoperability are key.
  • Enterprises want an overarching portal that brings together data from different vertical IoT solutions.

Waylay comes to the rescue

All of the above challenges call for an orchestration solution that bridges across IoT solutions and links the consumer IoT solutions to the enterprise IoT infrastructure. Waylay is such an orchestration platform that connects to consumer IoT solutions through cloud-to-cloud, API-based integration:

  • Waylay provides an off-the-shelf integration with many B2C IoT solutions.
  • Waylay has standard support for OAuth2, webhooks and time series storage.
  • Waylay can collect the data for you, across device types, and provide you with API access to that data.
  • At the back-end, Waylay easily integrates with databases and other IT systems.

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