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The Waylay IoT Service Platform

Waylay IoT Service Platform Guide

Fully featured digital innovation platform for the IoT

The Waylay IoT Service Platform is a cloud-to-cloud data aggregation and integration platform that enables companies to bring new digital services to market by connecting physical products to enterprise software and third party web applications. It acts as a horizontal application-enablement orchestration platform, leveraging the power of the Waylay rules engine to enable enterprise-level automations and applications using multiple-source data.

The Waylay Service platform is for companies that work with different smart products from different vendors (this can be multiple-vendor white goods, home automation products, fitness and health trackers, etc.) together with different digital services and who want to connect them in an easy, automated and scalable way.

Download our introductory guide to learn about the features and use cases of the Wayay IoT service platform.

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