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Enabling smart business solutions with Waylay

This guide is an introduction into Waylay's modular architecture. It describes its major functional building blocks and how these can be packaged to respond to different specific use cases.

Waylay is a cloud-to-cloud orchestration platform, enabling applications for digital transformation at the intersection of the Internet of Things, AI and advanced automation. Waylay comes with a unique offering in the IoT ecosystem, combining data aggregation, integration and next generation automation onto the same platform.

In order to better explain the modularity of the Waylay platform, we are going to break it down into five main components, which we present from the perspective of what happens to data as it moves through each one of them.

  • Data ingestion
  • Data automation
  • Data management
  • Data access
  • Data visualisation

Download this guide to learn how companies use Waylay for their data applications and connected business solutions.

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