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The Waylay Rules Engine

Cover Waylay rules engine white paper

Advanced automation for IoT and big data applications

The Waylay Rules Engine is a next generation automation tool that processes data from a variety of sources (physical products, legacy enterprise software, web applications), reasons on this data in real time and then acts on the decisions it takes.The Waylay rules engine notifies, automates and predicts.

The Waylay rules engine is a powerful complimentary tool to Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence solutions, where vast amounts of data are collected and analysed and are now ready to be put to operational use in smart automated workflows. The engine can be licenced (OEM-ed) on its own in order for you to integrate it into your technology or solution and is very popular with companies that are gathering, aggregating and analysing data from their connected products but are missing an advanced automation tool to operationalize their data.

Download our introductory guide to learn more about the features and use cases of the Wayay rules engine.

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