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White paper: What is Automation and Why Does IoT Need It?

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What is Automation and Why Does the Internet of Things Need It?

As part of their digital transformation efforts, companies are investing in internet of things solutions and re-imagining their physical products as digital assets. The primary focus of these IoT solutions to the present day has been to connect physical products to the internet and to collect their data. Their aim: to gain new insights by looking at previously unavailable data.

But we have seen over the last decades that a universal constant of improving a business has lied within automating its processes.

Automation has been proven over and over again to bring about lowered costs, to improve efficiency and to increase profits. It is our vision that once the stage of connect and collect is achieved, it is through automation that companies will see the true business value of IoT.

Read on to understand what automation is and how it applies to the unique requirements of IoT.

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