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Waylay connects the Internet-of-Things to your business


Powerful rules & automation engine

A world-class patented technology powering the most advanced automation tool for IoT use cases

  • Cloud-based bayesian inference engine
  • Move beyond threshold crossing into real automation
  • Visual wiring of logic through drag-and-drop interface
  • Templating and bulk operations across a set of devices
  • Mix periodic data collection with streaming data and cron tasks
  • Extensive debugging features & replay of historical data
  • Data transformation and normalization

Real-time stream and batch data processing

Put your analytics model to work for monitoring, fault management, optimization or predictive maintenance

  • Encode expert knowledge and data-derived analytical models for real-time execution
  • Act in real-time on real-time data through notifications, escalations or device actuations
  • Build custom analytics leveraging built-in event and time based triggering, stateful and stateless logic, thresholding, time-window processing
  • Out-of-the-box data aging provides robustness against intermittent connectivity or third-party API outages
  • Time-efficient online batch processing of locally collected data from one or multiple data sources
  • Reuse the same business logic to process log files from offline assets as for connected assets

Orchestration across IoT verticals

Create composite applications by breaking down silos

  • Many IoT applications cross the boundaries of multiple verticals
  • Integrate data from multiple verticals, multiple suppliers, legacy M2M and IoT applications
  • Improve efficiency: aggregate, store and visualize data in a single dashboard. Avoid swivel-chair management
  • Normalize data and abstract supplier differences from back-end IT systems

Integrate with custom enterprise back-ends and cloud applications

Create more customer and operational value by connecting IoT to IT

  • Large library of off the shelf connectors (sensors, actuators): Twillio, Salesforce, Oracle, Postgres, Azure, AWS S3, Kafka, Trello, Zendesk and hundreds more
  • Extend Waylay with connectors to custom enterprise back-ends, leveraging sample code
  • Deploy immediately, no IT hassle thanks to Waylay’s hot pluggable architecture
  • Log, diagnose and resolve integration problems

Enable multi-user applications leveraging a powerful API

Share IoT data with your customers and partners to leverage IoT’s power beyond your organizational boundaries

  • Powerful REST/JSON API enables access to data and automation logic from customized dashboards
  • Segregate customer data through flexible metadata model
  • Present customers with pre-configured automation templates
  • Off-the-shelf, white-labeled, multi-level dashboard for your B2B customers

Time series analytics

Design and deploy time series analytics models

  • Enable use cases such as anomaly detection, prediction and time to target
  • Out of the box integration with automation for near real-time evaluation
  • ETL for offline data analysis using third-party tools

Integrate with any IoT device management platform

Build an application from sensor to IT system in no time

  • SIGFOX certified and integration with most common LoRa network servers, NB-Iot and MQTT platforms. 5G-sensor ready
  • Off-the-shelf integration with AZURE IoT hub, Amazon IoT and Google IoT core
  • Automated resource type and resource discovery

Think big, start small: a solution that scales to your needs

A solution that combines operational and infrastructure scalability

  • Operational scalability through lifecycle management approach from initial idea to mass roll-out
  • Infrastructure scales through horizontal, microservices architecture
  • Automate by leveraging APIs and bulk operations

Enterprise-grade security

Data privacy and security for you and your customers

  • Per-admin access keys and key revocation mechanism
  • Admin role-based access control and extensive logging
  • Multi-level data segregation per tenant and customer with optional custom tagging and metadata
  • API-key and OAuth v1 and v2 based authentication/authorization
  • Two-factor authentication can be enforced per tenant
  • Configurable admin role-based access control and extensive logging

Deployment models that suit your needs

  • Single and multi-tenant options
  • Available as a managed service on Waylay's cloud, in your cloud or on-prem
  • Multiple SLA packages to perfectly address your project phase, from pilot to production roll-out
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