Automation made simple.

Optimize your operational process in a different way.

What is Waylay

Automation Made Simple


Execute rules in one shared environment = fast outcomes.


Create solutions in record-breaking time from concept to production.


Run the same solution in any cloud, on-prem, and at the edge.

Waylay is a Hyper Automation platform that is easily integrable into an existing complex ecosystem of software and things.
The Waylay environment is exclusively implemented in low code which dramatically reduces the time and resources required to design and launch, “any to any”, service build in workflow orchestration at huge scale.
Core to Waylay’s ability to manage these levels of complexity in real - time workflow orchestration is the company’s patented rules engine.
Waylay customers, including many Fortune 500 Enterprises, have deployed Waylay in Telecoms, Field Operations, Smart Buildings, Utilities and Financial Services.

Begin impacting your bottom line right.

Start saving money today, not tomorrow, with the fastest go-to-market automation platform.


Enterprise Customers


Connected Devices


Platform Users


Rule Executions

Quickly deliver in days and not months or years.

More benefits by choosing Waylay.

Waylay takes a seamless approach to solving digital transformation integration complexities. We empower the way businesses build automation and complex rules by making the data orchestration of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and information technology with operational technology systems (IT/OT) simple, accessible and transforming to every enterprise - bringing order into chaos.

Waylay's all-in-one cloud and edge platform is a one-stop shop that brings ideas to market quicker than any other available combination of tools.

Waylay delivers complete independence of any cloud, allowing your automation application to be available anywhere in the world and over any cloud.

Ride the fast lane. Waylay holds the promise of coding at a 10x faster rate with minimal setup and guaranteeing quick deployment that’s better and smarter.

AI, ML and OT/IT data is accessible to all with an extensive suite of integrations for every use case and every team plus new opportunities in value creation.

Waylay de-risks the innovation process with its next-gen products that monitor, streamline and optimize company assets, equipment and business flows.

More revenue and less costs. On average, save up to 200% when using our intelligent automation platform to streamline and improve business processes.

Connected assets and business processes have a direct link via Waylay, so you can say goodbye to exporting/ importing data! Waylay is the glue that holds everything together.

You have access to NLP, ML, etc. all combined, so more tasks are processed, more quickly and efficiently, and with less effort from your human employees!

More smart intelligence, improve consistency throughout and free up human time to work creatively, and tackle the challenges you cannot automate.

Keep customers happier than ever through faster response times, more accurate results, and other positive results bettering the customer experience.

Rid yourself of tedious and repetitive tasks and processes to make the work of staff easier and more fulfilling, while Waylay keeps the gears grinding in the background.

Waylay orchestrates work between staff and bots while processing unstructured data. Acting as a 'brain of brains', that keep everything running smoothly.

Making the complicated digital transformation simple.

Waylay offers a fundamentally new way to build automation and complex rules rapidly and at scale, finally bringing order into enterprise automation chaos and making the complicated simple with its rapid hyperautomation OS platform.

Explore the hyperautomation product line of Waylay.

Discover which platform best fits your business needs. Waylay offers four developer-friendly hyperautomation platforms —developed for specific users and journeys—each with an extensive suite of integrations for every use case and for every team.


Low-code automation OS platform that makes it very  easy to integrate disparate software applications in hours or days, not years.

The simplest risk management strategy for digital transformation ever conceived just by doing the exact opposite of what an entire software industry does today.


Intelligent data processing application for Salesforce.

No-code IoT solution for field service operations, asset management and remote maintenance.

Bridges the gap between connected assets and business processes.

Enables users to monitor and manage critical assets remotely.


Ideal for companies and developers bringing automation technology to the edge.

Developer-friendly, low-code and on-premise automation solution. 

Retrofitting legacy assets for automation enablement. 

Runs locally on any docker-enabled devices.

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