Deliver outstanding customer experiences through digital service innovation in energy and water

The Waylay platform aggregates IoT data for all different types of utilities providers. It contextualises data, processes, analyses and displays it in a user-friendly consumer portal, in order to empower the utility company’s customers to: 

  • Monitor their consumption over time to increase awareness
  • Set-up personalised alerts and notifications to avoid unwanted overconsumption
  • Enable early-on detection of problems such as water leakages or bursts, power interruptions or voltage problems or any unintended over-consumption
  • The Waylay platform combines meter data with customer data from the utility company’s ERP system to provide a customized view in their customers’ user portal

Waylay brings peace of mind and confidence in operational reliability to the customers of utilities enterprises.

Deliver outstanding customer experiences through digital service innovation in energy and water

Waylay offers energy and utilities companies a tool to monitor and manage and customer consumption, including dashboarding with real-time monitoring, anomaly detection and alarm escalation in a customizable user portal.

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Smart asset uptime monitoring & service level agreement validation

The uptime statistics of an asset is often a key criterion for service support interventions. With Waylay, users can define smart rules that validate the asset’s IoT telemetry against the customer’s service level agreement.


If the asset is online but generates error messages, users can define a rule in the Waylay platform that creates Waylay Alarms, any type of‘ Asset Error’. Those records can then be analyzed to generate a downtime record that would impact the availibility statistics of the asset. Optimize helpdesk support through remote asset diagnostics. Call center agents initiate asset telemetry diagnosis to produce real-time actionable recommendations on how to solve diagnosed asset problems.

Well Monitoring

Digitalizing upstream Oil & Gas activities are not an easy task and require an ensuring safe operation of equipment of temperature and hydraulic pressure. With Waylay, well flow patterns can be detected and ML can be identified on the performance of assets and the well itself. Time-series data and advanced data analytics help companies use Machine Learning for the recalibration and validation of their assets. Real-time monitoring allows users to see failures and alarms created in their well flow data dashboards.