Take the leap to 5G through automation

Telecom and Data Center Automation

The advent of NFV, hybrid clouds, Kubernetes, SDN and ultimately 5G has brought with tremendous change in how the datacenter is perceived in the telecommunications industry, redefining complete chapters regarding operations, provisioning and assurance. 

With the associated increase in complexity and layers of abstraction, the need for modern, intent-based datacenter automation is now stronger than ever. Assurance in particular requires use case-specific adaptation and bespoke integration between the various systems present in the operator's environment, which can prove challenging from an automation perspective.

With its low-code automation platform built around the patented rule engine, Waylay enables subject matter experts to visually translate assurance use cases into flexible automation rules, significantly reducing the time required to build and manage an end-to-end solution. 

Software connectors allow the Waylay platform to retrieve time series data from any provider, ranging from the PM / FM information exposed by an SDN controller or an NFVO, to the Prometheus KPIs associated with a containerized 5G network function. Used as smart rule objects, they make everything from on the fly data transformation to calling external systems in the OSS and BSS domain a breeze, slashing the high integration costs traditionally associated with these domains.

The Bring Your Own Machine Learning (BYOML) capabilities of Waylay treat AI/ML models as 1st class rule citizens, enabling advanced pattern recognition and anomaly detection on time series data, for a wide range of use cases applicable to datacenter SDN or 5G management and orchestration domains. All of it in near real-time thanks to the platform's support for serverless functions. 

But don't just take our word for it. Below is the example of a Waylay rule that implements the 5G data radio bearer accessibility monitoring in a 3GPP Release 16 network slice. It's really that simple!  

Take the leap to 5G through automation

Automate Engineering and Network Operation RAN Processes. Orchestrate E2E service provisioning. Low-code rule-based and ML automation software for telecom engineers and business users

Digital Twins for Salesforce

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Smart asset uptime monitoring & service level agreement validation

The uptime statistics of an asset is often a key criterion for service support interventions. With Waylay, users can define smart rules that validate the asset’s IoT telemetry against the customer’s service level agreement.


If the asset is online but generates error messages, users can define a rule in the Waylay platform that creates Waylay Alarms, any type of‘ Asset Error’. Those records can then be analyzed to generate a downtime record that would impact the availibility statistics of the asset. Optimize helpdesk support through remote asset diagnostics. Call center agents initiate asset telemetry diagnosis to produce real-time actionable recommendations on how to solve diagnosed asset problems.

Asset usage monitoring to trigger sales opportunities

IoT enabled assets often have contract usage limitations. Meaning that the customer is paying/leasing the asset based on usage. Waylay can create rules that validate the asset’s IoT telemetry against the customer’s contract (in Salesforce).


A connected backup power generator is leased to a customer for a volume of 10,000 machine hours. First, users can define a rule in Waylay Digital Twin, which monitors the daily usage. This rule then generates a Waylay Alarm Record of type ‘Usage Alarm’ when the total accumulated use reaches 90% of the contractual limit. Next, the user can then associate a Salesforce Flow to this event to create an opportunity record for the Sales team to negotiate a contract extension.