Smart logistics

LPWAN creates new opportunities

New Low-Power WAN (LPWAN) technologies, such as Sigfox, narrow-band IoT and LoRa, have the potential to greatly improve the efficiency of logistic processes in a cost-effective way. Automation and real-time visibility on the status of remote assets allows detecting unexpected behaviour, improving planning, better reporting and overall efficiency improvements.


When designing a solution to address these opportunities, a number of considerations are critical:

  • The solution can cope with a variety of data sources: legacy track-and-trace systems, LPWAN connected sensors, QR-codes or RFID tags being scanned, etc.
  • Ability to connect and integrate the IoT solution with enterprise IT systems such as databases with logistic data and ERP systems. Many vertically integrated solutions fall short in this respect.
  • Ability to evolve over time: new SW systems may get in place, existing APIs get upgraded. Rely on a system that is future proof and modular and allows you to gradually expand the scope of your solution over time.

  • Different audiences require different data. Whether internal or external, your solution needs the capability to cater to the requirements of different audiences. Each group may require access to different data or perform different actions.
Waylay connects IoT to your business

Waylay is an ideal platform to meet the above requirements:

  • Waylay's modularity and extensibility facilitate integration with a broad range of data sources: legacy M2M systems, local IT or cloud data. Moreover, Waylay provides native integration with Sigfox and Proximus LoRa.
  • Contrary to vertically integrated solutions, Waylay is open to connect your IoT solution to your business, and to realize true operational benefits.
  • Waylay's powerful API allows building customized dashboards for different audiences.
  • Waylay avoids vendor lock-in and allows you to work with best of breed partners at the device and application side.

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