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IoT Convention - Smart Cities, 2018

Event information

June 6, 2018
Antwerp, Belgium

Where to find us?

Conference: Darwin Room, 12.00 PM
Building a smart city solution - a story from the trenches, a talk by Veselin Pizurica, Waylay CTO

Exhibition: booth number to be confirmed.

More information

Smart city solutions should be designed to enable citizen safety, comfort and productivity. But cities are dynamic entities composed of multiple parts in constant motion- each city service acting as a critical living function. This makes building smart city solutions very challenging, as you need to be able to harmonize everything on both the technical level (think of all the data sources you need to work with in a city) and the user level (there are multiple stakeholders to consider).

Even when your smart city solution only focuses on one of these functions, such as city mobility, you need to work with many moving parts.

Come hear Waylay’s CTO talk about concrete ways of overcoming these challenges and meet Waylay in the exhibition area to discover Waylay’s data aggregation and orchestration capabilities and how they can be crucial for the success of a smart city solution.

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