Empower your customers with configurable IoT dashboards

The Waylay platform is built from the ground up to natively cope with the multiple data patterns of IoT, OT and IT.

waylay dashboard

Easily package and deliver IoT solutions to multiple functional groups

The Waylay UI Designer is an off-the-shelf, multi-tenant dashboarding application built on top of the Waylay automation platform. Abstract away the complexity of the underlying tech, while still empowering customers to benefit from its capabilities.

package solutions

Visualize real-time data, analytical insights and contextual information

visualize data
  • Drag and drop widget
  • Visualization of both real-tima and offline data
  • Granular data visualization, from sensor level to asset groups
  • Self-configuration of asset and asset group metadata
  • Graph visualization of analytical insights
  • Contextual data displays (geolocation, site map etc)

Control access levels, customize the look and feel

control access
  • Customize the UI with your branding or the branding of your customers
  • Multi-tenant application to support unlimited customer organisations
  • Customize access levels to control which user groups can access which data
  • Responsive design to match all your user group needs, from office desktop to rugged on-site tablet

Manage alarms and remotely control assets

manage alarms

- Command remote executions

- Set up threshold crossing alarms on custom triggers

- Setup notification on preferred channels (sms, email)

- Overview of alarms with clearing mechanisms

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