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A Connectivity Automation Offered by Waylay and Verizon 
Waylay provides enterprise customers the opportunity to simplify and streamline their remote monitoring and diagnostics of ThingSpace managed Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems through Waylay’s progressive orchestration and hyperautomation platform. By automating tasks such as data ingestion, data processing, anomaly detection and failure prediction as well as remote device management actions, connectivity automation solutions can significantly save time, cost and greatly reduce the risk of errors. 

Why Choose Connectivity Automation for Your Customers 
With the growth of IoT devices and ubiquitous mobile networks, enterprises are deploying cellular-enabled devices for better visibility, better control, and valuable insights. But this complex IoT ecosystem brings challenges such as constant monitoring and human touch increases BizOps costs significantly. Hence, a connectivity automation solution is needed to remove bottlenecks by proactively monitoring devices and networks, detecting anomaly conditions, taking actions real-time to resolve operational issues and notifying the appropriate stakeholders. 

Waylay’s connectivity automation provides end-to-end connectivity management for IoT devices and networks, making it an attractive option for Verizon ThingSpace users to improve their IoT connectivity, including: 

Connectivity Visibility

Real-time monitoring

Remote Diagnostics

Advanced analytics

Cost Effectiveness

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Why Waylay?

Enterprises choose Waylay's connectivity automation to proactively manage their IoT ecosystem, reduce operational costs, and gain valuable insights through advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

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