Waylay's hosting options:
Hosting environment and security

Waylay hosts anywhere, securely

Waylay understands the needs of Enterprise environments and offers solutions for hosted, private Cloud or On Premise & Edge.

Waylay keeps your data safe with stringent features for enterprise-grade security capabilities and infrastructure for hosted collaboration.

We realize that companies have different requirements around who manages their data and indeed we understand that some companies have their own DevOps teams and practices while others are not there yet or don’t want to invest in this.

Waylay can run the Platform in Waylay’s Cloud on a dedicated (separated from other customers) environment. Alternatively, the Waylay software can run in your cloud of choice, either managed by Waylay or completely managed by your own DevOps teams, while the Waylay specialists have your back.

The Waylay software relies on basic IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) and creates and manages an entire software stack on top of that as long as there is a k8s layer present.

Waylay’s answer to BYOML, with support from ML Ops

Waylay ML Ops enables customers to effectively operationalize any machine learning algorithm with the Waylay rules engine. BYOML - Bring Your Own ML - using machine learning models in live data automation flows has never been easier.

Waylay offers ultimate flexibility, no new tooling is required for your Data Scientists and Data Engineers - we consider these scenarios:

  • You already have an ML model (which you trained on your own infra), you can immediately start using it with Waylay’s low code drag and drop editor
  • You have a pipeline setup that creates new models (when new data comes in), inject this model in an automated fashion into Waylay and operationalize your knowledge in minutes
  • Use Waylay to train your models (in case this is currently happening on your Data Scientists laptops) and create a level of governance around this process
  • No need to throw away legacy models and built-up knowledge: simply integrate them in Waylay
  • Explainability, an important non functional requirement in operational decision processes that use Machine Learning, becomes real on the Waylay Platform

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