Better enterprise automations start here.

Waylay helps enterprises to guarantee IIoT data ROI, initiate new revenue streams, and endorse innovation velocity

How we work

We respect your DNA.

Every culture and infrastructure is respected. Due to the flexibility of our platform, we adapt to your company’s DNA with dedicated guidance and support.

Experts that understand enterprise.

Our experts train you to become self-sufficient. We provide relevant industry templates to kickstart new business flows and experimental ideas. Pre-built industry solutions optimize critical enterprise, consumer, and industrial software applications.

The Waylay Environment

Waylay hosts anywhere, securely!

Our technology can be publicly or locally hosted in a private cloud or on-premise & edge, all with enterprise-grade security standards.

Your own Machine Learning Models

WaylayBYOML - Bring Your Own Machine Learning - enables customers to effectively operationalize any ML algorithm with the Waylay rules engine.

Our Professional Services

Waylay’s professional services team offers proven experience to help you turn IoT data into business value. Waylay helps you to automate, integrate, and embed advanced analytics and IoT in your day-to-day business operations, all based on our field-proven, scalable technology platform.

Waylay Enterprise Project Timeline


Our expert team helps you assess your needs and guidance. No strings attached.

Define a use case

Get introduced to our product use case templates for every industry or pre-built solutions.

ROI Exercise

ROI validation, project plan and implementation.

Roll out to production

Ongoing success.

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