Waylay helps enterprises to guaranteed IoT data ROI, to initiate new revenue streams and to endorse innovation velocity

Respect for the Enterprise DNA

Each enterprise has its own identity, its own culture, infrastructure, security requirements and its own complexities. Waylay understands these challenges and will adapt to each company’s specific DNA, providing dedicated guidance and support along the discovery and implementation project, involving all stakeholders.

Experts that understand enterprise requirements

While Waylay has an expert team available to support and guide enterprises throughout their journey, Waylay is not in the consultancy business. We mentor and train our customers to become self-sufficient. That is the spirit of the Citizen Developer.

We typically kick off with a discovery session with our expert team, no strings attached. Next, we move to the use case definition, propose the ROI exercise, provide business process consulting and create the POC. Once we have agreed on, we move to implementation and roll out to production. Along the way, Waylay provides deployment guidance and access to its support team. 

Relevant Industries

Waylay has created productized use case templates for different industries to kickstart the creation of new business flows and to experiment with ideas to generate new revenue. Enterprises can increase innovation velocity and kick-start new industrial business models with little effort and minimal risk.

Relevant  Solutions

Waylay offers vertical-specific pre-built solutions with use-case templates to kickstart the creation of new scenarios and to optimize critical enterprise, consumer and industrial software applications.

Waylay Enterprise Project Timeline


Book an expert session

Use case assessment

ROI study and project proposal

Use case validation

ROI validation, project plan and implementation

Roll out to production

Ongoing success

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