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Waylay Lite allows students and academic researchers to practise and implement applications using a new serverless paradigm, without a need to setup and manage cloud infrastructure.

Teach your students the principles of open cloud computing without limits of the big three open cloud providers.

Don't lose time on managing other provider integrations, get Waylay to work quickly and efficiently.

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Play with serverless, automation and machine learning

Open source components e.g. Open FaaS for serverless compute and e.g. Jupyter notebooks & libraries for machine learning are the foundation of the Waylay Lite Academy package

Waylay Lite is here for those students aspiring to become entrepreneurs and colleges & universities looking for ways to solve complex real life business problems side-by-side with the industry!

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Academy Package offering

Waylay presents its Academy package offer to educational institutions which includes a free $1000 monthly budget that covers your $5/month platform fee.

Our pricing model is consumption based, any usage above the monthly $1000 offer will be charged. No other hassle or set-up.

Your ML models are only charged when running, not when sitting idle.

Calculate your estimated cost with all combinations possible with our pricing calculator.

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