Closing the gap between the idea and prototype delivery!

Providing end-to-end route for start-ups to leverage Waylay and connect their hardware assets. We help to de-risk the product development journey.

Starting your business and have no IT staff?
Looking to create an app for the local SME market?
Already built an app, but adding features is slow and costly?
Building a vertical app that will take over the world?
Developed a concept with connected devices, and now are in need to bring the final product to the market?
Part of an incubation program and got angel investors to test your idea as soon as possible?

Accelerate Package

MVP, Prototype building with Waylay

Have a great idea based on connected devices? Does this idea require analytics, automation and visualisation? Waylay is the one-stop shop solution that brings your idea to market faster than any other combination of tools because we are the complete package. No need to hire expensive or specialized coders, focus time and money on growing your business.

Waylay is a horizontal platform that can be tailored to an array of scenarios such as Industrial IoT, Energy, Utilities, Hvac, Smart Home/Buildings, Smart Factories, Industry 4.0, Logistics, Environment monitoring, Smart Farms, Mapping AI/ML IoT. Build enterprise grade automations for a prototype with the ability to rapidly scale a project in no time allowing you to deliver for your business and customers quickly and effectively.

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