Accelerate Package Pricing

The Accelerate pricing is € 1,500 monthly
Flat fee with cancellation at any moment, or 1,000 monthly flat with a 1-year commitment.

What's included?

Separate the IO tenant with all features included

Get the right information to the right audience at the right time by connecting IoT with IT & OT. We connect CRM, ERP, asset management systems and many more.

4 X 1-hour expert sessions per month.

Access to our developers and integration experts, including 4 one-hour meetings per month.

Waylay Partners

Access to Waylay certified hardware prototype partners.

Personalized consulting

Consultancy on API integration, cloud automation, ML integration, or helping customers in building custom applications on top.

Who's eligible?

Accelerate package is available to startups and SMEs who have cumulatively received less than $5 million investment or have less than $5 million in annual revenue

With the Accelerate package, the load limitation is 120 requests per minute, which includes API calls such as querying data, alarms, assets or sending and retrieving messages etc.

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