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Webinar: IoT Rules Engines

A practical look at how to build & run IoT business logic

Without automation, IoT solutions offer little more than visualisation dashboards and offline data analysis. As the popular saying goes, nobody really wants a drill, they want a hole in the wall. Similarly, nobody is really interested in the data from the IoT devices, what they ultimately want is specific actions to be taken, that are of particular value to them.

This value is found in what’s called the business logic of each IoT use case, and it is the job of a rules engine to build and run the logic. Different business logic requires different rules engine capabilities. There are very few commercial (or open source) tools that have the whole range of capabilities to cover the wide variety of IoT automation requirements across industries and use cases. This is why the market nowadays is dominated by either vertical solutions that are custom made to serve the specific automation needs of a single vertical or by solutions where an automation stack is built, made up of a combination of tools and technologies.

In this webinar, you will learn how to build and run IoT business logic depending on the specific requirements of your IoT use case, and what capabilities should the IoT rules engine have to make it a perfect fit for your use case.

We will be using concrete IoT use cases and IoT business logic examples throughout the whole webinar.

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