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Webinar: The Waylay IoT orchestration platform


Since the dawn of the Internet of Things age, both technology vendors and enterprise buyers have focused on connect and collect solutions, with the somewhat implicit expectation that owning the data will also automatically mean owning the value.

But as we are finding out, extracting the business value from IoT data is a very different story, which will likely be the challenge of the next decade to come. As we stand now, the conversation starts with the enterprises's opening line being: "We have the data. What comes next?"

Waylay was founded back in 2014 to answer this very question. Watch our free video below to learn the answers from Waylay's CEO and co-founder Piet Vandaele.

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Learn about Waylay's vision, our company and technology, business model, vertical applications and more in this 20-minute video presentation by Waylay's CEO and co-founder Piet Vandaele.

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