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Waylay partners with SICAP to offer comprehensive Internet-of-Things application enablement solution

Ghent, Belgium, February 22, 2016 - Waylay, a leading provider of IoT orchestration software, has partnered with the Swiss software company Sicap, to offer a comprehense IoT application enablement solution to mobile network operators (MNOs).

"We are proud to partner with SICAP, a worldwide leader in SW solutions for mobile network operators. Through our combined offering, customers will benefit from a very powerful application enablement platform for connected device solutions," Piet Vandaele, Waylay CEO said.

Sicap has an impressive portfolio that includes mobile device management, SIM OTA and network near solutions. With a track record of almost 20 years, Sicap is a trusted partner by many MNOs across the globe and has expanded its portfolio to the M2M and IoT space.

"SICAP has a very strong expertise in device onboarding, management and configuration and has proven to scale to the requirements of IoT. The SICAP platform integrates with the Waylay platform to connect devices, applications and online services enabling better real-time decisions and interactions between devices," Vandaele added.

The combined solution gives MNOs a comprehensive IoT application enablement platform covering everything from the device up to the application level, enabling rapid and scalable IoT service innovation.

About Waylay

Founded in 2014 - Waylay is an ISV founded by a team with a track record of building successful B2B SW products. Waylay is an award-winning SW solution that takes an application-centric approach to IoT. Waylay offers an IoT service orchestration platform that combines data across IoT verticals and provides a richer integration between IoT solutions, enterprise IT systems and cloud services.

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