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Predictive maintenance


Move from time-based to condition-based maintenance & service

  • Move from routine scheduled maintenance to maintenance based on the actual condition of the machinery
  • Optimise remote troubleshooting and service costs with better visibility over your remote assets
  • Predict problems, degradations and take proactive action to remedy them
  • Optimise diagnosis of root causes
  • Avoid downtimes and optimize service costs
  • Benefit from continuous analysis of data from various, disparate sources
  • Enable better analysis of data, trends and correlations

A horizontal technology enabling vertical-specific applications across multiple industries

Waylay can detect out-of-range values, trends, correlate phenomena and diagnose root causes.

Moreover, Waylay provides the link between your IoT solution and your ticketing systems and helpdesk.






Waylay for Smart Maintenance solutions

  • protocol and vendor agnostic automation framework
  • batch rules processing (running rules against data logs)
  • powerful and flexible object metamodel
  • time series storage and REST data retrieval
  • time series analytics and ML capabilities embedded in rules
  • off-the-shelf integration with Azure, Amazon and Google IoT hubs
  • easy integration with external IT systems and APIs
  • all functionality exposed over REST and stream APIs

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