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Smart city mobility


Aggregate & automate real-time urban mobility data

  • Leverage digital technologies, no need to invest in equipment
  • Automate repetitive tasks, manage human resources wisely
  • Get real-time insights for round-the clock live traffic management
  • Improve long-term planning with predictions on traffic and parking load with advanced data analytics
  • Provide real-time, context-relevant insights to staff and citizens
  • Visualise all data sources in one single unified dashboard
  • Opt-in personalized notifications on your preferred digital channel
  • Cloud-based solution, no IT load
  • Publish aggregated data back as open data for anyone to use

A horizontal technology enabling vertical-specific applications across multiple industries

City mobility management can be vastly improved by aggregating multi-source data and automating processes that result in meaningful information for both city and citizens.

Waylay enables cities to develop customized mobility solutions to improve traffic management and keep citizens informed.


Traffic centres

System integrators


Why Waylay for Smart City solutions

  • protocol and vendor agnostic automation framework
  • powerful and flexible object metamodel
  • benchmark of 3rd party APIs (response time, error rate etc.)
  • time series storage and REST data retrieval
  • time series analytics and ML capabilities embedded in rules
  • easy integration with external IT systems and APIs
  • all functionality exposed over REST and stream APIs

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Customer reference: The City of Ghent

Waylay provides the City of Ghent with a solution that aggregates all traffic information sources and contextualises them to Ghent in a fully automated way. The output resulting from the processing of this combined data serves both traffic centre staff and citizen users. Follow @verkeergent to check out the automated twitter alert stream, powered by Waylay.

use case

Customer reference: ManyWays

ManyWays fetches and processes mobility data from multiple sources and displays it on a real-time dashboard and an interactive map, showing contextualized graphs, visualizations and metrics. ManyWays removes the technical thresholds and closes the gap between technical mobility data and its use by citizens, developers, mobility experts and local administrations. See more at

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