Smart home

Own the customer experience

  • Move up the value chain from product to solution offering
  • Tap into new as-a-service business models
  • Entice users with new smart product applications based on connecting & automating across vendors & technologies
  • Gain access to rich information about product use, learn patterns & behaviour
  • Open innovative post-sales channels to stay in touch with customers
  • Provide better customer support and improve the overall customer experience
  • Gain advantage over competitors and (other) device manufacturers
  • Increase customer retention and reduce churn

A horizontal technology enabling vertical-specific applications across multiple industries

Waylay enables a holistic view across the heterogeneous smart home environment by providing an intelligent cloud-based integration and aggregation layer with powerful automation capabilities.

Waylay allows you to build your own branded customer experience on top of an API-exposed middleware platform with field-proven scalability.







Customer reference: Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect is a German home automation platform powered by Waylay, where consumers go to to connect their smart devices enhancing their capabilities and creating automations.

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