Smart utilities

Everything is getting connected: energy meters, thermostats, weather stations, boilers and HVAC appliances. This evolution opens new opportunities for utilities to play a pivotal role in the new connected energy ecosystem, both in the consumer and the business segments. As an example, below we describe the opportunity in the smart metering space.

New technologies such as Sigfox and LoRa have the potential to spur the adoption of smart meters, as they allow to equip meters with cheap, low bandwidth communication technology. With the advent of smart metering, utilities have the capability to obtain more frequent electricity, gas and water meter readings and hence have an up-to-date view on the actual consumption. It would be a missed opportunity if these meter readings are used only to provide bills based on actual consumption.

Waylay’s technology allows the integration of smart metering solutions with enterprise IT infrastructure to increase efficiency and improve customer service:

  • Waylay’s platform makes customers aware of their actual consumption and indicates when this shows abnormal patterns. Through multi-channel notifications customers can be alerted when the consumption pattern deviates from the historical consumption.

  • In a similar way, customers can be incentivized to consume less in periods of shortage such as droughts or during peak electricity consumption.
  • In a pre-paid modus, Waylay’s platform can be used to automatically notify customers in case they have reached a certain percentage of their prepaid consumption.
  • Waylay’s platform can be used to detect anomalies such as the lack of new meter readings. This can be an indication of either communication problems or meter tampering.
  • Waylay’s platform can validate usage data against customer databases. This allows automatically detecting anomalies when e.g. consumption is noticed on addresses where no customer is registered.

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