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Why the Waylay platform?

Waylay’s advanced automation technology complements the capabilities of generic IoT platforms.

1.Unlike alternative solutions that only provide a partial solution or a mix of different tools, Waylay’s solution provides data ingestion, data stream processing, business rules, 3rd party integration and notification services all available in one single consistent administration interface with end-to-end visibility, debugging and lifecycle management tools. This accelerates IoT application development and time-to-market, eases deployment and reduces overall lifecycle management cost.

2.Based on a patented technology, Waylay provides the most advanced IoT automation platform on the market. Whereas most IoT data processing technologies focus on event processing or complex event processing only, Waylay provides highly scalable data transformation, stream processing, business rules and workflows all within a single framework and that for an arbitrary mix of streaming data sources and for data sources being queried at rest. This provides support for the broadest range of use cases to orchestrate across IoT platforms, IT systems and cloud services, truly connecting IoT to your business. It is a platform made by developers for developers.

waylay IoT rules engine

3.Waylay’s IoT automation technology has been created as a platform that is integrated with and can be the foundation of an IoT application offering. Supporting multiple integration models with IoT platforms, an API-first architecture and flexible deployment models empower multiple integration options and enrich IoT solutions through powerful automation and time-series analytics.

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