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Smart Reasoning for IoT

Smart notifications

Real-time notifications are an essential component in enterprise IoT applications ranging from remote machine monitoring to smart building automation. Waylay’s platform allows building smarter notification services that logically combine multiple input data sources.

  • design your notification task using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • use the standard notification channels or create your own
  • combine multiple notification channels in one task

Smart automation

The Internet-of-Things improves operational efficiency via smarter automation. Waylay automates repetitive workflows and enables innovative automation that blends the Internet with the real-world. Have you ever thought about automating your office lighting based on a web calendar or connecting your HVAC installations to the satellite weather forecast?

  • build automation use cases and store them as templates
  • combine online services, APIs and sensor information
  • integrate device data with enterprise back-end systems
  • run tasks at a fixed frequency, as cron jobs or event-driven

Smart predictive maintenance

Real-time sensor data can be used to resolve problems faster, or even detect anomalies upfront, before interruption or downtime occur. Better troubleshooting and predictive maintenance save money and improve customer satisfaction. Waylay’s technology correlates multiple real-time data sources with historical data and previous maintenance schedules for deriving sophisticated decisions. Time series analysis does allow to extrapolate trends.

  • correlate multiple data streams over time
  • model causal relationships based on your domain knowledge
  • automated problem and root cause detection

Smart integration

Enterprise Internet-of-Things solutions should integrate devices, SW systems, people and process. Waylay facilitates this integration. Waylay breaks down silos and create additional value by extending enterprise integration to the IoT domain. For example, Waylay integrates IoT with service maintenance and CRM SW, it integrates transportation and smart cities, health measurement equipment with electronic patient records. As a smart integration platform, waylay can combine data from different verticals to create new value propositions.

  • two-way integration between IoT and enterprise back-end systems
  • build composite services via back-end API integration
  • modular framework that copes with SW system updates and changes

Supporting our customers in business innovation

  • We are really excited about Conrad Connect and it has been a great experience to work with Waylay. The Waylay platform is a powerful engine that has allowed Conrad to introduce an innovative digital service to the market.

    Author image
    • Andreas Bös
    • Head of New Business and Innovations, Conrad
  • The flexibility of the platform allowed us to combine various sources of traffic information and provide more context-relevant information to our customers, the citizens and visitors of Ghent. Our operators are stand-by and get notified by SMS when something unusual is going on.

    Author image
    • Pieter Morlion
    • Project manager, Traffic Control Center Ghent

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