Waylay Value Drivers

Material savings, fast and effective.

Reduce Costs

Increase the productivity of your remote service operations and  reduce your field service costs.

Your device data is natively exposed throughout the Salesforce ecosystem enabling your remote teams to monitor, analyze and troubleshoot equipment.

Increase revenue

Increase revenues and margins through the reduction of unplanned downtime. Create and automate monitoring rules to scan and interact with your equipment, identify anomalies and recommend actions to ensure the performance of your installed base.

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer’s peace of mind through a proactive service delivery approach..

Share KPIs,  performance dashboards and predictive insights with internal &  external audiences.

Massive Savings

€5.6 million field service savings for a medium-sized discrete manufacturer over 3 years.

Fast to Deploy

Leading Implementation Partner can have a deployment up and running in less than 1 week.

Lowers Risk

Large specialty rental supplier experiences 80% accurate machine shutdown predictions.

One Platform/Solution

Specialty vehicle manufacturer implemented Waylay Digital Twin on 40,000 vehicles, processing 300 million data points daily and managing over 53,000 rules simultaneously.

Cloud Agnostic

Waylay has been implemented on MS Azure, AWS and supports any Cloud deployment configuration.

Empowers Team

Highly scalable across any enterprise.  Large agricultural equipment manufacturer reduces 24h+ response time to 30 min.

Waylay Solution Architecture



  • OPC-UA

  • REST

  • File import


IoT/OT integration

data ingestion, protocol & data normalization

IoT Rule Engine

Make IoT data actionable:low-code automationbring-your-own ML

IT integration

integration with line-of-business apps: CRM, ERP, servicedesk, ...

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FraudAway: The Next Revolution Of Fraud Prevention For Financial Services

We are thrilled to announce a significant transformation in our payment solution, one that reflects our commitment to innovation, security, and providing a seamless experience for our valued users. As part of this exciting development, we have rebranded our payment solution to "FraudAway."
This rebranding is not merely a change in name; it represents a comprehensive evolution in our approach to online transactions and the ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce. Here's a closer look at what you can expect from FraudAway:

Go to FraudAway

The Threat of Transaction Fraud and Its Impact

The risk of transaction fraud is more prevalent and sophisticated than ever before, causing significant financial losses and reputational damage with credit card losses predicted to hit $17 billion annually by 2030. Chief credit risk officers must develop better tactics to minimize fraud losses as payment fraud costs them 10% of their revenue whereas business users struggle to comply with regulations that take three to six months to update, leading to poor customer service and operational risk. This and more while fraudsters continue to exploit weaknesses and new tactics emerge regularly, leading to higher costs, lower trust, and legal risks.

Mitigating the Risks of Fraud in Transactions

Waylay's fraud monitoring solution uses a combination of rule based systems (that have been built and tested over the decades by finance experts), in combination with the latest advancements in AI. It reduces the operational costs associated with fraud while enhancing customer experience, making it easier to transition from a rule-based approach to a combination of artificial intelligence and business/compliance rules. It has a modular approach toward fraud management, allowing legacy modernization programs to evolve gradually. Waylay's payment solution seamlessly operates across cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid environments, harnessing the full capabilities of modern cloud-native applications.

FraudAway offers a groundbreaking solution for finance with a hyperautomation platform that harmonizes rule-based systems with AI/ML capabilities. Our payment solution seamlessly operates across cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid environments, harnessing the full capabilities of modern cloud-native applications.



Fusion of rules and ML



Digital Twin Cloud icon

Advantages of Combining Real-Time and Batch Processing

Our solution is capable of processing hundreds of million transactions per day in batches or in real-time with a response time of less than 1ms per transaction—quickly improving fraud detection and prevention capabilities while reducing operational costs and bettering customer confidence.

Solution Blueprint

An AI-based hyperautomation fraud detection solution is cloud neutral and combines machine
learning with a business rules engine to minimize fraud losses while reducing false positives.

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Panel Discussion: Minimizing Fraud Risk In Financial Transactions With Hyperautomation

Fraudsters, armed with state-of-the-art technologies, are persistently targeting the finance sector. Consequently, these constant attacks contribute to the finance industry incurring hundreds of billions in losses annually.

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Threat of Card Transaction Fraud and its Impact on the Financial Ecosystem

Learn why by adopting a multifaceted approach—one including ML, AI, and a BRE with robust security measures—enterprises in the financial industry are able to build an even stronger protection and stronger trust with customers while also protecting themselves from significant financial losses and reputational damage.

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A New Approach to Credit Card Fraud Transaction Prevention

With the extensive use of e-commerce, credit card fraud has become a major issue that every bank, payment processing platform or web-shop site is facing. Big loss in business is not only related to fraudulent transactions, but also in denying legit transactions, which are deemed to be fraudulent leading to loss in revenues, high levels of customer traveling and more.

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Low-code and No-code Automation Accelerates User Experience

Today, the competition in the financial services landscape is growing rapidly with entry from the non-banks. Small fintech companies are nibbling away at large financial institutions’ market share for their products and services. The major value proposition from fintech is top of the line end-to-end customer experience.

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Asset Visibility And Monitoring For Salesforce
  • Intelligent data processing application for Salesforce.

  • No-code IoT solution for field service operations, asset management and remote maintenance.

  • Bridges the gap between connected assets and business processes.

  • Enables users to monitor and manage critical assets remotely.

Asset Visibility And Monitoring For ServiceNow
  • Intelligent data processing application for Salesforce

  • No-code IoT solution for field service operations, asset management and remote maintenance.

  • Bridges the gap between connected assets and business processes.

  • Enables users to monitor and manage critical assets remotely.

Any To Any Workflow Orchestration

  • Waylay provides Hyperautomation layer on top of AWS stack.

  • Available on AWS Marketplace.

  • Benefit from existing Enterprise Discount Programs.

  • Consolidated billing with AWS.Usage Monitoring and Analytics.

On Waylay GenAI automation

In this article, Veselin Pizurica explores two distinct approaches to leveraging Generative AI (GenAI) within the context of Waylay.

Optimizing Service Management for Specialty Vehicles with Hyperautomation

By harnessing the power of cloud technology and implementing condition-based and predictive maintenance strategies.

Waylay Joins AWS Marketplace

Waylay joins Amazon Web Services Partner Program to revolutionize enterprise operations with its cutting-edge automation technology.

Take a Giant Leap forward in network automation.

Outstanding Catalyst - Use of TM Forum Assets

Awarded to the team that shows the most powerful use of TM Forum assets in their Catalyst project and quantify the benefits of using these assets.

Learn More

Transform Your Telco Business with waylay

The Low-Code Automation Companion for OSS, BSS and Service Orchestration

At Waylay, we provide innovative low-code automation solutions for telecom companies. Our cloud-native platform can integrate and orchestrate modern and legacy systems up to network element level, instantly adding new capabilities to your telecom stack.

Fully integrated low-code automation suite

Beyond workflows and connectors, we integrate streaming data ingestion, time series analytics, resource models and an API-gateway.

High performance and scalability

Our cloud-native architecture ensures the transparent scaling of platform services in support for the most demanding loads and very large volume transaction executions.

Operationalize AI models with Bring Your Own ML

Import and execute AI/ML models as part of Waylay workflows, including time-series data preparation and output interpretation for closed-loop automation.

Brown-field friendly

Integrate with existing systems, reusing investments and protecting running workloads, while expanding them with new, rapid service roll-out capabilities.

Our Technology at a Glance

Discover the distinctive features that set us apart with a quick glance. Explore a pragmatic blend of cutting-edge innovations and functional creativity that characterizes our approach in the technology landscape. From refined algorithms to user-friendly interfaces, our solutions reflect a commitment to practical excellence. Navigate through our offerings to understand how our technology, rooted in expertise, is poised to redefine industry benchmarks. Experience a straightforward exploration of our unique technological attributes, offering a glimpse into the pragmatic and transformative nature of our solutions.


Full-spectrum Low-Code Automation

Tap into all your existing operational software systems and connected assets, leveraging time series data, event streams and AI models with ease in a low code environment. Think of us as an automation companion which unifies process automation, decision management and API orchestration under a single, easy to use umbrella.


An Integrated Digital Transformation Experience

Around its core workflow engine, Waylay integrates custom connectors, asset modeling, time series data analytics, ETL capabilities, event ingestion, and a responsive web user interface, all packaged in an ultra-scalable hyper-automation platform. Enabling you to focus exclusively on what brings immediate value for your business: its use cases.


Accelerated Service Roll-out

Our features have been proved to enable an accelerated roll-out of telecom services, up to 20x faster. Low-code empowers subject matter experts to directly and collaboratively translate their domain-specific knowledge into automation flows, bypassing the need for bespoke software development and expensive integration projects.


Streamlined Execution of AI Models

AI models do not live in a bubble. To benefit the business, they must connect to live operational data and their outputs need to be turned into automated actions and decisions. Waylay lets you easily import the ML models produced by your data science teams and wire them into automated flows that leverage time-series data for intelligent, near real-time insights and closed-loop automation.


Unparalleled Performance and Scalability

A cloud-native, horizontally scalable architecture, coupled with serverless execution capabilities enables Waylay to address use cases that scale to millions of workflow executions per day, and beyond. All of it happening behind the scenes, such that our users won’t even notice.


State-of-the-Art Integration Experience

Easily integrate with any 3rd party API, event bus, data source or connected asset, via a flexible and user-expandable plugin mechanism. Then orchestrate them as part of highly-scalable workflows that are defined graphically, using state-of-the-art low-code development methods.


deployment model
  • Easiest and fastest to consume.
  • Software-as-a-Service model
    Managed access to the platform, deployed in your AWS region of choice.
  • Tailored to needs and budget
    Choose a dedicated environment or a tenant in a shared cluster.
  • Private and secure
    Data is isolated from other customers and secured using the industry best practices.
  • Enterprise-grade support and SLA.
  • Provides the most control
    For tech-savvy customers, comfortable with managing their own infrastructure. Same set of features as the SaaS version, running on top of Kubernetes.
  • Deploy anywhere
    In a private cloud or in a data center, depending of the needs of your business.
  • Guided deployment
    Our support teams will guide you through the process of deploying and configuring the Waylay platform, such that your organization can get up and running in no time.

Break The OSS/BSS Monolith, Save Millions.

Cut down point-to-point integrations, bespoke development and custom changes by moving to a new Waylay-powered roll-out model based on low code automation.

Bespoke development across multiple systems.
Multi-vendor, large scale projects and costs.
New service = code and configuration everywhere.
Low scalability = redo every change for every new service
Technical difficulties in adapting legacy systems.

Automate With Waylay
Key Benefits For Telecommunications

Leaner New Service Introduction ✔️

  • 5-10X quicker go-to-market.
  • 100X less code.
  • 5X less development effort.
  • 10-15X cost reduction.

Dramatically Reduce Time To Value ✔️

  • Single point of change.
  • Cloud agnostic.
  • Empower your domain experts.
  • Scalable by design.

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