Break down operational barriers, integrate IoT with your IT and OT

The Waylay platform is built from the ground up to natively cope with the multiple data patterns of IoT, OT and IT.

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Unlock more customer and operational value with popular native integrations or easily configure your own

Put your product data to operational use by getting IoT insights into your line of business IT applications, in real time.

Operationalizing IoT data empowers cross-functional teams and maximizes the business return on IoT investments.

Connect to any IoT and OT data source and accelerate data ingestion and processing

Integrate any IOT platform

Off-the-shelf integration with all major IoT cloud providers

Fully LPWAN compatible

Pre-built integration with all major LPWAN providers

Protocol friendly

Ingest data straight from the devices or gateways

Connect to any cloud or
On-Prem IT

Use our massive library of off-the-shelf enterprise connectors

Leverage sample code and REST APIs to build your own connectors to custom IT back-ends
Trigger your back-end systems, notify your customers and alert your support teams
Deploy without any IT hassle with easy logging, diagnosing and troubleshooting

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