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Waylay is the leading independent cloud-to-cloud integration platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). Waylay connects Internet-of-Things solutions with IT applications and cloud services empowering you to build automations, system integrations and new applications faster than ever before.

IoT & APIs

Connect a myriad of data sources across vendors and technologies: connect LPWAN back-ends, B2C and B2B cloud solutions, IT systems and cloud applications.


Process data in real time for data transformation and normalization, notification, event-processing and rules evaluation, at the speed and granularity of a device.


Trigger your back-end systems, notify your customers, alert your support teams.

Where Waylay makes the difference

Powerful integrations for the enterprise

Because real-life is more complicated than threshold crossing and SMS. Build those integrations that make sense for your business processes and customer touch points, even when you are using proprietary IT systems.

Built from the ground-up for IoT to IT integration

IoT-to-IT integration is not the same as data syncing between IT or cloud applications. Waylay has been built to cope with the data patterns of IoT and IT, events and continuous data, streaming and data pull models.

When things need to scale

Built by an experienced team, Waylay scales both from an infrastructure and operational manageability perspective.

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Do you want to connect IoT to your business?

Waylay is the right solution for you.

Save time and money, through scalable, manageable and future-proof integration and automation.

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Customer Testimonials

We are really excited about Conrad Connect and it has been a great experience to work with Waylay.
The Waylay platform is a powerful engine that has allowed Conrad to introduce an innovative digital service to the market.

Andreas BösHead of New
Business and Innovations

The WayLay integration on Proximus EnCo’s Platform via our Cloud Channel proved to be very powerful to set up automations! We could observe how developers love Waylay to create orchestration in IoT solutions together with the LoRa network.

Valentin BouttiauCommunity Support
Manager & Evangelist
Proximus EnCo

The flexibility of the platform allowed us to combine various sources of traffic information and provide more context-relevant information to our customers, the citizens and visitors of Ghent. Our operators are stand-by and get notified by SMS when something unusual is going on.

Pieter MorlionProject Manager
Traffic Control Center

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