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The Ultimate Cloud-native Fraud Monitoring
Solution for the Financial Industry

combining ML with a BRE to minimize fraud losses while reducing false positives.

The Threat of Transaction Fraud and Its Impact

The risk of transaction fraud is more prevalent and sophisticated than ever before, causing significant financial losses and reputational damage with credit card losses predicted to hit $17 billion annually by 2030. Chief credit risk officers must develop better tactics to minimize fraud losses as payment fraud costs them 10% of their revenue whereas business users struggle to comply with regulations that take three to six months to update, leading to poor customer service and operational risk. This and more while fraudsters continue to exploit weaknesses and new tactics emerge regularly, leading to higher costs, lower trust, and legal risks.

Mitigating the Risks of Fraud in Transactions

RovingEye, a Capgemini solution powered by Waylay, uses a combination of human and artificial intelligence to reduce operational costs associated with fraud while enhancing customer experience, making it easier to transition from a rule-based approach to a combination of artificial intelligence and business and compliance rules. It has a modular approach toward fraud management, allowing legacy modernization programs to evolve gradually. Built for real payment production workloads, RovingEye can process up to 20 million transactions per day in batches or in real time, with a response time of less than 1ms per transaction.

RovingEye is a cloud-native fraud monitoring solution which offers many advantages over traditional on-premise solutions, making it an attractive option for organizations looking to improve their fraud detection capabilities, including:


Real-time monitoring

Advanced analytics



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Why RovingEye?

RovingEye is equipped with advanced analytics, real-time monitoring and scalable architecture with key features centering around agility, accuracy and enrichment for business users, engineer users, and tech/end-users.

RovingEye - Solution Blueprint

An AI-based hyperautomation fraud detection solution is cloud neutral and combines machine
learning with a business rules engine to minimize fraud losses while reducing false positives.

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