Condition-Based Maintenance
& Alarm Escalation

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Huge efficiency gains for condition based and predictive
maintenance and crew dispatching

Expedite maintenance interventions for failure alarms or for assets running outside acceptable ranges. Salesforce Service Cloud will prioritize Maintenance Engineers work schedules.

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Asset hierarchy alarm escalation for efficient crew dispatching

Knowing where to go to fix issues saves valuable time for efficient maintenance crew dispatching and first time repair. Alarms generated by Waylay Digital Twin often reflect a common root cause, located at a related parent asset.

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Upselling - Asset Monitoring
Triggers Sales Opportunities

Validate contracts icon
Validate contracts against IoT asset telemetry

Monitor a connected printer for ink consumption and  automatically create
an order to deliver and charge a new ink cartridge when levels are low.

Waylay Digital Twin Upsell icon
Upsell consumables and spare parts - servitization of business models

Create an opportunity record for a contract extension when any leased asset reaches x% of its usage limit. A connected backup power generator, leased for a volume of 10,000 machine hours, will generate a contract extension proposal when its reaches 90% usage.

Salesforce Waylay Digital Twin upselling image

Smart Asset Uptime Monitoring & SLA Validation

Waylay Digital Twin validate IoT telemetry icon
Validate IoT Telemetry against asset SLA for defining service support

Define rules that create 'Asset Error' alarms when an asset generates error messages. Generate a downtime record that updates Salesforce asset availability statistics.

Helpdesk support icon Waylay Digital Twin
Optimize helpdesk support trough remote asset diagnostics

Call center agents initiate asset telemetry diagnosis to produce real time actionable recommendations on how to solve diagnosed asset problems.

Call agent support Waylay Digital Twin Salesforce

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