Recent COVID-evolutions have hampered industry-wide supply chains globally. In a world where the timely availability of spare parts or new equipment is no longer guaranteed, proper monitoring and maintenance of the installed asset base becomes even more important than before. However, connected asset and IoT solutions are not always delivering the value-based outcomes that companies expect. Key reasons for missed opportunities include underutilized asset data, siloed architecture between OT and IT systems and slow and costly development cycles. 

Gary Brandeleer, Senior Director of Product Management Salesforce Field Service, recently joined a Waylay live session to share Salesforce's view on how new technologies in asset maintenance can truly help manage supply chain disruptions. In conversation with Waylay's Piet Vandaele, co-founder and President Strategic Partnerships, and Tom Van Leeuwen, VP Product Management, Gary discussed how technology providers can solve these problems and improve the ways in which customers can benefit from connected asset solutions.

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Learn how a connected asset solutions and smart maintenance can help your business to manage supply chain disruptions.

Manufacturers and service organizations are adopting connected asset strategies quickly in order to implement resilient business models e.g. outcome-based contracts and applying predictive strategies to reduce maintenance costs. 

What is the reason for the accelerating adoption? There is an increased awareness amongst enterprises of the positive impact that preventive maintenance solutions have on customer satisfaction and customer relationships in general. Smart maintenance solutions also pave the way to resilience in front of supply chain disruptions, inflation impact and importance of sustainability.

At Waylay, we created a new SaaS application to help enterprises get the most business value out of their connected asset strategies. The new Waylay Digital Twin for Salesforce application seamlessly ingests data from any connected asset in the field and makes it easily available to business users in Salesforce, for any type of use case. The zero-code working environment within the Salesforce ecosystem, enables non-technical users to apply rules and business logic to (IoT) data and use it to drive actions in their line of business Salesforce apps through e.g. work orders, proactive cases, sales opportunities and more.

Via predictive and preventive asset maintenance, enterprises’ abilities increase to shift courses swiftly and to answer to changing market conditions e.g. mitigating supply chain risks and providing an improved foundation to build better customer value and increased productivity. As smart maintenance is applicable in every industry, from building maintenance to automobile maintenance, manufacturers are acting quickly to tackle these challenges and stay ahead of the competition. Processing and analyzing raw device & sensor data inside the Salesforce environment with Waylay Digital Twin will continue to help manufacturers move from a reactive to a proactive customer service model.

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